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2022 Customized EPS Core SUP Boards Surfboards Carbon Fiber Race SUP Paddle Board

Surfing is a popular seaside sport, the athletes using ultra high balancing technique to control the board with the sea fight,like a fish swim in the sea.a good race board can let the ultra in the water more quickly, more freedom.

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Protect name: Racing carbon fiber SUP
Material: EPS foam core( 26KG/CBM)+wood stringer+1 layer carbon+3 layer of Epoxy resin w/6OZ fiberglass cloth on top+2 layer of Epoxy resin w/6OZ fiberglass cloth on bottom +high epoxyglass finish.

Carbon Fiber Sup (1)
Size: customized stand up paddle board,usually from 9’6 to 14’0.
Design: customized two face carbon fiber on top and bottom.
Logo: customized silk screen LOGO.
Free charge accessory: 9ft plastic single middle fin
Free design: we have top designer in China and can provide free design, or you can send us board AI file/PDF file design to produce.
Use: In racing board, suggest 25-27 inch width better/ in normal travel, suggest 30-32 inch width.
Carbon Fiber Sup (2)
Packing details: bubble warp+cardboard(Nose,Tail and rail reinforcement)+carton box
Carton: 1 piece can put 1 carton box.
MOQ: 30 pcs
Lead time: for sample about 15 days,other depends on the quantity.
Payment: TT
Shipping way: sea or air

Competitive advantage

One good piece carbon fiber race board loved, also is a reason for that.

1)Light weight
The weight of the carbon fiber is lighter than epoxy fiberglass, in common surfboard the weight is 15KG per piece,the people go to the seaside want the weight more lighter is better.

2)High strength
The strength of carbon fiber is 4 times that of glass fiber, you know, the impact of the waves is very big.If the strength of the surfboard is too low, a mechanical damage, it's no meaning of the movement,serious still can threaten people's safety.

3)Good stability
The seismic resistance of carbon fiber and the stability is good,People stand on it, the feeling is like standing on ground.

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