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2022 High Performance Graphic Pattern SUP Boards Wholesale Stand up Paddle board

Tie-dyeing is a Chinese process of dyeing fabric. Before dyeing, the fabric is tied with a string according to the desired pattern. After dyeing, a specific pattern will be formed.

The pattern that tie-dye comes out is very unique, it will have different depth in cloth color, we get an inspiration, the pattern splice that tie-dye comes out goes up to a cloth, slightly update pattern, a piece unique print cloth board was born.

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CHINESE TIE-DYEING PATTERNS pasted on surfboards are a new innovation for printed cloth boards.

The traditional printed cloth pattern, usually with a simple pattern, or the whole pattern, but our board with different shades of tie-dye patterns, the pattern area is very large, covering the front and back of the whole board. Front face is a large piece printed cloth, and bottom face is half one piece printed cloth, down part you can add your brand or logo, the board looks very unique.

Tie-dyeing rail we use Malachite Green to spray paint and add 5mm white line on whole boards, deck mat use similar color as rail, on mat has two waves on down part, of course, the deck mat can use diamond, add more holding power when surfing.

Protect name: Chinese tie-dyeing printed cloth SUP

Material: EPS foam core( 26KG/CBM)+wood stringer+1 layer 0.5mm printing cloth+2 layer of Epoxy resin w/6OZ fiberglass cloth on top+2 layer of Epoxy resin w/6OZ fiberglass cloth on bottom +high gloss epoxy finish.

Size: 10’6 ft X31”X4.75 “

Logo: customized silk screen LOGO.

Free charge accessory: 9ft plastic single middle fin+ 2 small side plastic Future fin

Free design: we can provide free design, or you can send us board AI file/PDF file design to produce.

Packing details: bubble warp+cardboard (Nose,Tail and rail reinforcement)+carton box

Carton: 1 piece can put 1 carton box.

MOQ: 30 pcs

Lead time: for sample about 15 days,other depends on the quantity.

Payment: TT

Shipping way:Sea or air

Once I was developone customer ask me: “Sarah, my board has a big graphic on bottom and top has a big logo,I want do Spray paint board,can you pls give me some suggestion?”

After I check the design, it is a big graphic on bottom, this graphic need make printed cloth, and the graphic is too complex, bottom we can do printed cloth, and top face can do bamboo, the logo can make silk logo to put it,so the board looks very beautiful.


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