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10’6 Wood Stand up Paddle Boards All-Round Fiberglass Paddle Boards SUP

Do you like double color wood paper board?
One half is Spray paint,another half is wood paper.

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DOUBLE COLOR WOOD PAPER BOARD is upgrade version of ordinary wood paper board, ordinary wood paper board are keep same paper on top and bottom,and rails use spray paint,like black or white or other colors.

But this style we add some new element, we use spray paint to replace wood, wood paper is dark color , another half we use light blue to decorative boards, let board looks very special. Black rail with 0.5 mm width white line on whole board.

The pad we also use most classic diamond mat, whole deck pad use light gray, but mddle use dark gray deck pad, board top has camera hole, black hand gripper. Board top has 6 tie ropes, when you surf, you can put your luggage onboard,don't need to put the luggage back in the body, the board can give you lose weight.


Protect name: Double color wood paper stand up paddle board.
Material: EPS foam core( 26KG/CBM)+wood stringer+1 layer 0.3mm wood paper+2 layer of Epoxy resin w/6OZ fiberglass cloth on top+2 layer of Epoxy resin w/6OZ fiberglass cloth on bottom +high gloss epoxy finish.
Size: 10’6 ft X32”X4.75 “
Logo: customized silk screen LOGO.
Free charge accessory: 9ft plastic single middle fin+ 2 small side plastic Future fin
Free design: we can provide free design, or you can send us board AI file/PDF file design to produce.
Packing details: bubble warp+cardboard(Nose,Tail and rail reinforcement)+carton box
Carton: 1 piece can put 1 carton box.
MOQ: 30 pcs
Lead time: for sample about 15 days,other depends on the quantity.
Payment: TT
Shipping way:Sea or air
Recently we have upgraded a side fin box,this fin box is called“ FCS plus”, this fins looks like two round fin box together,and we also can called” eight cups”, this fin box is upgrade of FCS, and the fin box looks more full, When installed on board, will be more strong.

if you want place boards,I suggest you can choose this side fin box, I think good board details is very important on one board, good details can sell good price.

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