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  • How to stand up on a surfboard

    How to stand up on a surfboard

    How to stand up on a surfboard In summer, the surfing season is coming, are you also eager to try it? Share a wave of surfing skills with everyone, full of dry goods, suitable for novices, mast...
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  • What is the standard size of a surfboard

    What is the standard size of a surfboard

    What is the standard size of a surfboard? Introduction:  When you are on a surfboard, you need to constantly raise your head and turn your head and water ski with your arms. These actions have a very good effect on the neck, shoulders, and waist. T...
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  • how to make a surfboard

    how to make a surfboard

    how to make a surfboard Surfboards are a tool for ronin entertainment around the world, as well as a friend of everyone who loves surfing. Early surfboards were made of solid wood an...
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  • How come the surfboard?

    How come the surfboard?

    How come the surfboard? Surfing is a sport that uses the waves as the driving force and uses its superb skills and balance ability to fight the waves. It is sought after by young people because of...
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  • how to wax a surfboard

    how to wax a surfboard

    how to wax a surfboard Surfboards are a tool for our entertainment. Of course, the best surfboards must be waxed. A waxed surfboard can effectively increase the friction between the human body and the board. I...
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  • Different number of surfboard tail rudder role

    As a surfer, Do you know what the real role of surfboard fins under your foot when you surfing? We know in common surfboard, the fins quantity sometimes has one fin, four fin even five fins. and if you ask the surfers, they will tell you, the number of fin, the position and size in use are very b...
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  • Choose inflatable board that works for you

    1, Your weight (for beginners):60KG: 260-270 cm, 70KG: 270-290 cm, 80KG: 290-310 cm,90KG:300-330 cm; your weight is heavier, the board you choose bigger, board underside bigger, the wave can push. And the heavier the weight is, the higher the buoyancy is, the better the ...
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  • Magical inflatable board packaging

    Do you know how to package inflatable board? Some customers will say“package them into one big box and ship out”,yes,you are right, it is use one separate box,and inflatable board package is dif...
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  • The reason why we produced the board is expensive

    In Stand up paddle board,it has many types, like bamboo veneer SUP, epoxy fiberglass SUP,carbon fiber SUP etc. And for one board, which is most important? Good-looking appearance, of course, can...
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  • The most popular board material

    Picture 1 is bamboo veneer picture. Picture 2 is bamboo veneer board. Stand up paddle board has many different material in middle, it has:Bamboo veneer, prin...
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  • Is there a difference between an inflatable boat and a canoe

    Inflatable boat, listen to the name, we all know that this is a kind of boat with inflatable method, this name also belongs to a general term, it includes: rubber boats, fishing boats, submachine boats and some other inflatable small boats are inflatable boats. This kind of ships can be installed...
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  • The difference between surfboard and paddleboard

    For those who are passionate about the ocean, standing on a surfboard or paddleboard is the closest place to the beauty of the ocean. But which of these two sports is more entertaining and gives you the most experience from the water? Most of all, which one suits you best? Here are the main simil...
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