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2022 Customized EPS Core SUP Boards Surfboards Epoxy Bamboo SUP Paddle Board

A good competition board, design is as important as quality.

Front face is wood paper, bottom is use spray paint.

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A surfboard is a piece of sporting equipment that people use to surf, different surfboards suit different people.

Long board is generally over 9 feet, suitable for beginners.

Short board is generally under 7 feet and belongs to the technical surfboard.

Race board is narrow and long, usually the length is more than 12 feet, and is used for competition.

Race board is generally 28 to 32 inches wide, more narrow the board is, more faster the race board do. Usually we can do 28 inch and length is do 12’6 ft.

Protect name: wood paper race paddle board

Material: EPS foam core( 26KG/CBM)+wood stringer+1 layer 0.5mm wood paper+2 layer of Epoxy resin w/6OZ fiberglass cloth on top+2 layer of Epoxy resin w/6OZ fiberglass cloth on bottom +high epoxyglass finish.

Wood paper race paddle board3

Size: 12’6 ft X 31.5” X5.5”

Design: Front face is wood paper, bottom is use spray paint.

Logo: customized silk screen LOGO.

Free charge accessory: 9ft plastic single middle fin

Free design: we have top designer in China and can provide free design, or you can send us board AI file/PDF file design to produce.

Packing details: bubble warp+cardboard(Nose,Tail and rail reinforcement)+carton box

Carton: 1 piece can put 1 carton box.

MOQ: 30 pcs

Lead time: for sample about 15 days,other depends on the quantity.

Payment: TT

Shipping way: sea or air

Tips: why my boards can add 3mm or 5mm wood stringer in the middle of the board, I want share with you some news.

In our manufactory, all boards are made by CNC machine, you know the boards made by machines are more accurate and faster than hand cut eps foam. And we have two option on board, one is no wood stringer, and another one is with wood stringer, the price will have little difference, you can choose your like. If we add wood stringer, the produce time will longer than normal, because the eps foam need use glue to put together, after all foam wait 48 hours, then take eps into CNC machine to polish.

Wood paper race paddle board4

you know with wood stringer, the board will heavy 1 kilo than normal, but the strength of the board will better. When the bamboo on the board is vacuumed, it is not easy to changes in the board shape.

Wood paper race paddle board5

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